Unites States Patent and Trademark Office grants US patent on NBE's linker-toxin technology

NBE-Therapeutics has obtained grant of a US patent for its novel anthracycline-based ADC platform that can be used to generate highly potent and immune-stimulatory antibody drug conjugates (iADCs)

NBE-Therapeutics today announces that the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office (US-PTO) has granted a patent to NBE-Therapeutics covering antibody drug conjugates coupled to highly potent anthracycline toxin payloads, which NBE-Therapeutics is using to develop its proprietary portfolio of next-generation immune-stimulatory antibody drug conjugates (iADCs). The granted patent is entitled "Binding protein drug conjugates comprising anthracycline derivatives" and is accessible and published under the US patent number: US 10,288,745 B2.

Together with the already granted US patent relating to NBE-Therapeutics' sortase-enzyme mediated antibody conjugation technology (SMAC-technology), which is accessible and published under US patent number: US 9,872,923 B2, two key technology platforms developed at NBE-Therapeutics for the development of site-specifically conjugated iADCs are now covered by granted patents in the Unites States of America.