NBE-Therapeutics featured by BioCentury as "Emerging Company" in ADC development field

On June 16, BioCentury published a one-page feature of NBE-Therapeutics in their online publication about NBE-Therapeutics as an emerging player in the ADC development field

NBE-Therapeutics and its novel SMAC-technology for the development of site-specifically conjugated antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) was featured in a one-page publication by BioCentury (see: http://www.biocentury.com/biotech-pharma-news/emergingcompany/2014-06-16/nbes-enzymatic-adcs-carry-multiple-payloads-no-mutagenesis-required-a6). The advantages of NBE-Therapeutics were discussed in the context of other site-specific conjugation approaches, in particular the possibility to conjugate two different toxic payloads to one antibody by exploiting two different sortase enzymes with different substrate specificity.