NBE-Therapeutics has been awarded and is coordinating a € 1.4 mio European "Research for SMEs" grant

Together with two other European SMEs, ERA Biotech, Spain, and Tube Pharmaceuticals, Austria, NBE-Therapeutics has been awarded a 2-year, € 1.4 mio European FP7 "Research for SMEs" grant, which NBE-Therapeutics is coordinating

NBE-Therapeutics is leading and coordinating the pan-European 2-year, € 1.4 mio research project MABTOX within the 7th European framework program "Research for SMEs" together with ERA Biotech, Barcelona, Spain, and Tube Pharmaceuticals, Vienna, Austria. The partners in the project are aiming to develop novel enzymatically conjugated antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) for the better therapy of cancer by combining the expertises and the know-how of the three SMEs in the project. The consortium further includes seven additional European contract research organizations (CROs) that perform certain work-packages in the MABTOX research program on a fee-for-service basis. The three SMEs, NBE-Therapeutics, ERA Biotech and Tube Pharmaceuticals will be jointly responsible for the commercialization of the results derived from the MABTOX project.