Prof. Dr. Alfred Zippelius

Prof. Alfred Zippelius, MD, is full Professor of Translational Oncology at the Departments of Medical Oncology and Biomedicine, Cancer Immunology at the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland. In these functions he is conducting clinical trials as well as supervising clinical research in his laboratory focusing on translational research in the area of cancer immunotherapy and the development of novel targeted cancer therapies.

Prof. Zippelius studied medicine at Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich, Germany, where he also performed experimental work for his MD thesis in the laboratory of world-renowned German Immunologist Prof. Dr. Gert Riethmüller. After this he performed post-doctoral research work as a German Research Agency (DFG)/Emmy-Noether fellow at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR) in Lausanne, Switzerland, and thereafter became principal investigator in the Tumor Immunology lab of the Medical Oncology Department at University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland. He was then appointed Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) Professor and group leader of the Laboratory of Cancer Immunology, Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel, where he subsequently became full Professor of Translational Oncology. He has full responsibility for clinical trial design and applications and the research in the Laboratory of Cancer Immunology.

Prof. Zippelius is author of over 50 high-impact publications and inventor of several patents in the field of cancer immunology. During his career he has received numerous fellowships and awards, including competitive DFG/Emmy-Noether fellowship and SNF Professorships. Prof. Zippelius serves on a number of international review and advisory boards, including review functions at the Journal of Experimental Medicine, Blood, or PNAS, and the SNF, DFG and the Dutch Cancer Society. Prof. Zippelius is also active in many national and international professional societies, including the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the European Society for Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy.