Jean Engela

Chief Executive Officer

Jean Engela serves as Chief Executive Officer of NBE Therapeutics since December 2021. He joined NBE Therapeutics from Boehringer Ingelheim in April 2021, following the acquisition of NBE by BI (press release).

Jean is an experienced drug developer with more than 18 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. He worked with 7 top global pharmaceutical and biotech companies located in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Israel and South Africa.

Prior to joining NBE Therapeutics, he successfully led the global development of a portfolio of oncology and immunology programme`s. He also spent 7 years in consulting and business development with a Dutch consulting company, contributing to the development of a broad range of compounds from recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies to advanced therapies and vaccines. He started his career in biopharmaceutical development with GlaxoSmithKline R&D in the UK.

Jean holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in molecular biology, cellular biology and microbiology from Stellenbosch University and the University of Pretoria.