NBE-Therapeutics has received CTI-label award by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI)

CTI-label awarded for NBE-Therapeutics

Today, NBE-Therapeutics announced that it has received the CTI-label from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation, which is sponsored by the Swiss Department for Education, Research and Innovation (Staatssekretariat für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation, SBFI). The CTI may select Swiss high-tech start-up companies for a 1-2 year CTI-label program, during which the company receives coaching and is subject to an in-depth due diligence process by technology and industry experts. If the CTI experts have completed their evaluation of the company's technology and innovation potential, its intellectual property basis and its business model, they may award the CTI-label to the start-up company. According to the CTI the CTI-label is a "seal of quality, a certificate of achievement, and a sign of credibility and readiness for sustainable growth".