Ulf Grawunder

PhD (Chief Operating Officer and Chief Development Officer)

Ulf Grawunder is an experienced Swiss Life-Science entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in the therapeutic antibody development industry. Ulf founded NBE-Therapeutics, and served as CEO until July 2020 when he moved to his new role as COO and CDO of NBE-Therapeutics. In this function Ulf will remain responsible for driving the translation of NBE’s lead ADC assets into clinical development, including NBE’s lead ADC NBE-002, which has recently entered into first-in-human clinical trials in the United States. Ulf Grawunder has invented the proprietary technologies at NBE-Therapeutics which are the basis NBE’s next-generation antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) for cancer therapy. Before founding NBE-Therapeutics, Ulf had co-founded the Swiss Biotech company 4-Antibody sold to U.S.-based Agenus (AGEN), where he served as founding CEO until 2006 before assuming the role of CSO. Ulf Grawunder is also vice-president and Board member of the Swiss Biotech Association. Ulf holds a PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Basel, for work on early B cell development performed at the Basel Institute for Immunology. In addition, Ulf Grawunder holds a Diploma in Technology Entrepreneurship from the Entrepreneur and Business School in St. Gallen, Switzerland (HSG=Hochschule St. Gallen).